Additional challenges for The Amazing Camp-Land Race Participants June 11, 2013

Here are some new challenges. 

1)      Take photos of five different bird species while on a camping trip and identify them.  (3 points)

2)      Take photos of five different insect species and identify them. When you send the photos with the identifications let us know what park you were camping at.(Where were the bugs) (3 Points)

3)      Take a picture or pictures of five different sea or lake creatures on the shore and identify them, while on a camping trip.  That maybe tough, so we will accept a photo(s) of you in Amazing Camp-Land Race tee shirt and the sea or lake creatures at the Shedd Aquarium, Sea World, or the Indianapolis Zoo. (3 Points).

4)      Take photos of five different Butterfly or Moth species and identify them  (3 Points)

Good luck and keep having fun

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