Camping in an Indiana State Park

In the canyon far below us, a creek flowed from the  mouth of a cave.  Through a gap in the forest, we could just see the cave surrounded on three sides by sheer limestone cliffs.  As we followed the rim of the canyon downstream, the trail brought us to a rocky point jutting out into the tree-filled canyon;  and there it was, spread out before us!  The canyon opened into a wide green valley.  Smoke curled from the chimney of a log cabin directly below us and hung in the sunlit air over the valley.  The smell of wood smoke was everywhere.  A stone grist mill stood in the middle of the valley — its huge wheel creaking and groaning as it slowly turned.  A woman in long skirts and a bonnet was walking across the the clearing between cabins …

Can you identify the State Park where we were hiking?  Have you ever camped there?

3 thoughts on “Camping in an Indiana State Park

  1. There is a Mill mentioned in the valley. I guess that would be a pretty good hint. Yes, I have camped there. Great park with something interesting for everyone. I had never been inside a cave before, that didn’t have sidewalks and electric lights. That was exciting. Be sure and take a flashlight and spare batteries if you go in far enough that you can’t see any daylight.

  2. Right answer. The first two points scored in the Amazing Camp-Land Race. Has the Bakun family ever camped there?

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