Current Employment Opportunities at Camp Land RV


We have a job opening for a full-time position in our Service Department.  We would love to find an experienced RVIA Certified RV Technician who could start work right away.  But, we know we aren’t likely to find one, because there are very few of them and the few that do exist already have a good job.  So, we intend to find someone with some basic mechanical skills that we can train on the job to learn basic RV repair and eventually become a RVIA Certified RV Technician. 

RV body repair, hail damage

You could specialize in minor and major RV body repair

If you are the kind of person who can fix almost anything around the house, you may be the one we are looking for.  Or, if you know someone that fits that description….please tell them about this opportunity.

  A complete RV tecnician would eventually need to know carpentry, sheet-metal-work, plumbing, electricity, heating & air conditioning.   But, very few people are expert at all those things and you can become Certified in limited specialties as your education progresses.   If you know a little bit about some  of those crafts, you already have a good start toward becoming a Certified RV Technician.  You can be earning a good living while you learn the rest of what you need to know from our experienced tecnicians and through industry sponsored training schools.  All you need is the native ability, some experience using hand tools, and the desire to work and learn as you go.

Learn to repair RV refrigerators, other appliances, plumbing and wiring.

Learn to repair RV refrigerators, other appliances, plumbing and wiring.

We offer good wages, steady year-round work,  health insurance, paid vacations, 401-K, and a pleasant work environment.  Please visit   for contact information.

 Or visit  for more information about our service department.



Repair roof leaks, interior water damage

Learn to repair RV roof leaks or replace an entire roof.

Heavy duty RV Lifts

RV Chassis maintenance, brake repair.