If you are a serious genealogist, your interest in family history has taken you to many county courthouses, local libraries, county historical societies and graveyards all over the country.  If you are still in the internet phase of genealogy, you will soon feel the urge to visit those places.

An RV, whether it is a  travel trailer, 5th wheel or motorhome is perfect for those visits—your notebooks, reference books and your laptop are all right there waiting for you at the end of a busy day in the courthouse, looking at land deeds or wills.  You also have a table to spread out your maps and new-found records.  More than likely, the campground has wi-fi in case you want to check something out online. And you will spend the night in your own bed without unpacking a suitcase.

 We have used both a travel trailer and a motorhome on genealogy trips.  With a travel trailer, we sometimes park the trailer at a nearby campground before hitting the courthouse or library.  If we plan to travel on after spending some hours searching for records, we park the trailer for the day in a mall or grocery store parking lot at the edge of town.  With a motorhome, we just park on the street or in a nearby parking lot.

 If you are already an avid RV’er but have never done genealogy, give it a try.  It is a satisfying hobby that will add a new dimension to your travels.

 Many people who now live in Indiana or Illinois have ancestors who came from the East.  New England or Virginia by way of Pennsylvania is a common path.  Or from the South by way of Kentucky or Tennessee.  In any case, your family research will probably lead you to places in the original 13 Colonies where there are many interesting historical sites.  A family connection to those places will make your travels more interesting.

 You can get started without leaving home by visiting online genealogy sites. A good place to start is   Or, just Google your own family name along with the words, “family history” or “genealogy”.

 But be forewarned; genealogy is habit-forming.  You may become obsessed with the endless project of tracing your family back through history.


  1. Another way to get started in genealogy is to visit your local library. They probably have a department devoted to Local History, Family History or Genealogy. The Librarian can help you get started. The Grand-daddy of all Genealogy Libraries is the one in Salt lake City belonging to the Church of Latter Day Saints. Probably the best Genealogy Library east of Salt Lake City is the Allen Co. Public Library in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. It is worth a visit. Johnny Appleseed City Park in Ft. Wayne has a nice campground that is very convenient for a visit to the library.

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