More About the Amazing Camp-Land Race

Campfire cooking

Share camping recipes, cooked over a fire or on the stove.

The Season-Long Game of CAMPING Fun and Adventure will reward you for completing Challenges.

You don’t need to complete any specific Challenge, but any one you do complete adds to your  point total for the season.  Reaching certain point goals during the summer will win prizes and personal satisfaction.  Having the highest totals  at the end of the season will win bigger prizes – AND SOME GLORY!

Challenges that earn points will include the following:

  • Favorite camping recipes and campfire cooking
  • Camping hobbies & activities (Everything from Geocaching to fishing to leaf collecting & more)
  • Overnight or longer camping visits at any campground  in the US, Canada or Mexico
  • Camping at specially targeted National, State or Private Parks within our 4-state area of IN, IL, WI & MI.
  • Overnight camping at specially targeted National, State or Private Parks outside our 4-state area.
  • Bonus points for visiting designated places & landmarks within the targeted Parks
  • Camping at targeted Events like festivals, rallies, etc

Participants will receive helpful information about exciting places to camp  in the 4-state area surrounding Chicagoland-NW Indiana, as well as some more distant camping destinations.  Also, ideas about activities that will make your camping trips more interesting for yourselves and children of all ages.

More details will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

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