Camp at these locations and they are now worth 25 points.

These parks have special bonus points for activities  specified in this Post.

The first park is the Indiana Dunes National Lake shore.   Camp at Dunewood Campground and this will earn you 25 points ,plus the possibility  of Special Bonus Points.  This is an opportunity for the bird watchers to score.  While at the Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore, take pictures of and correctly identify 5 species of birds,you earn 3 points,same as before,but if you find, photograph, and correctly identify more than 5 species you get 3 points for each group of five.  If you take photos of 15 species of birds you will earn 9 points, if they have a “a” or “c” symbol in the column for the time of year when the pictures were taken in the table titled “Birds of the Indiana Dunes A Seasonal Checklist “.  If the bird species has a “u”.”r”,”x”, or “i” then you earn 3 points per species.  The rarity of  the typical bird sightings determines how many bonus points.

The second additional camping location being added to the Destination Parks is Tippecanoe State Park.  If while camping at Tippecanoe State Park, you go and visit Dunn Bridge and take a picture with a teammate wearing the AC Race tee shirt you earn 6 extra bonus points for a total of 9 bonus points.(3 for the normal old bridge picture plus the 6 Special Bonus Points.  Dunn Bridge is in Southern Porter County,In, about 29 miles away from  Tippecanoe  State Park, the park is  near Winamac, IN .

Special Bonus Points can be earned if you play at least nine holes  of Disc Golf, in one session of DG at one of the following parks.  Lemon Lake, Hidden Lake,(Lake County,IN} or Rogers Lakewood Park in Valparaiso,IN.  A picture of your score card ,a picture of you in the Amazing Camp-Land Race shirt while on the Disc Golf Course,and the closest hole# to you when the picture was taken will earn you 9 Special Bonus points.