9:00 A.M.          PREPARE YOUR RV FOR THE OFF-SEASON – WATER SYSTEMS AND BEYOND.  Proper storage of your unit during the winter months involves more than just putting anti-freeze in the water system!  Join us as one of our certified technicians speaks about the importance of ALL aspects of maintenance to prepare for the off season.  Our helpful tips will help you to protect your investment and help ensure you are ready to camp when the warm weather returns.


10:00 A.M.        ENHANCING YOUR CAMPING EXPERIENCE.  Dave Voelker from NTP/Stag (the largest RV parts and accessory distributor in the country) will present the following:

  • Winterizing and Storage Products.  Dave will present products that will keep dampness, odor, rodents and others out of your RV while it’s stored for winter.
  • Extending Your Camping Season. – Dave will tell you how you can camp longer in the Fall and earlier in the Spring. During this segment Dave will present heated accessories.
  • New Camping Gadgets. -.Dave will show you the newest camping inventions.


10:30 A.M.        UNDERSTANDING RV ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS. Ever wonder how your electrical systems work in your RV?  Join us as one of our certified RV technicians explains the difference between 12 volt DC and the 120 volt AC systems.  We’ll help you understand how your electric devices are powered and we’ll also show you some tips to help you get the most enjoyment and longevity from your electrical system.  Stop blowing fuse and tripping breakers – join us for this information packed session.



11:30 A.M.        “ASK A TECH” SESSION – a crowd favorite.  The only dumb question is the one not asked.  Your maintenance and technical questions will be answered by one of our certified service technicians. (So write ‘em down and bring ‘em in.)


12:00 P.M.        SCALES AND TALESBrad Bumgardner, Interpretive Naturalist at the Indiana State Park will present “Scales and Tales”.  Meet some of the resident Indiana Dunes reptiles up close, as well as the stories behind them during this 30-minute program.  A good program, expecially if you’re uncomfortable around these critters.