Ooey Gooey Goodness…Roasting the Perfect Marshmallow

imagesCAEC5OI1There are so many things to remember to pack when getting ready to camp in your RV, but some of the most essential items for the pure enjoyment of your tastebuds are marshmallows and roasting sticks/forks. I am not talking about any stick you just pick up from the woods, wipe off the dirt and wittle to a point, like I did when I was a kid. No…I am talking about a fancy-dancy roasting fork that telescopes up to 42″ and rotates by the turn of the dial with your fingertips. These forks allow you to create the most beautifully golden roasted marshmallow, perfectly roasted on ALL sides. That’s the key…ALL SIDES.  Let’s talk about how one would go about creating the perfect, most tasty, ooey-gooey marshmallow.

First you must gather all your materials. You will need:

~ A nice campfire with some bright orange embers.

~ The Rolla Roaster telescoping roasting forks, which extends to 42″ and retracts for storage (available in Camp-Land’s Parts Department).

Rolla Roaster Telescoping Fork
The Rolla Roaster Telescoping Fork













~  Your favorite brand of marshmallows

~  Wet wipes (because you are going to get messy!)

Okay, now that you’ve stocked up on these items, it’s time to talk about the procedure. It’s simple, but one wrong move and POOF, your treat could end up in flames! You will have one charred mess on your hands (although some people really enjoy their marshmallows this way).

  1. Ensure you have some hot embers at the base of your beautiful campfire.
  2. Take your Rolla Roaster fork out of the reusable package.
  3. Extend your fork to 42″ by pulling gently outward on the end until it stops. You don’t want to singe your knuckle hairs!
  4. Place one to two marshmallow(s) on the fork.
  5. Hold the fork in the palm of your hand and place index finger and thumb on the rotating dial.
  6. Place the marshmallow end near the fire, keeping it away from open flames and closer to the embers.
  7. Slowly rotate the marshmallows by turning the dial. It will take several rotations of the marshmallow to get it carmelized to the perfect golden color.
  8. Once you have achieved the desired doneness of your treat, pull it back from the fire and allow it to cool approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  9. Pull your marshmallow off with your fingers. Be careful not to touch the metal fork as it will still be hot, hot, hot!
  10. Repeat steps 1 through 9 until you are stuffed!
  11. Clean-up is a breeze with wet wipes for your hands and forks (once cooled).

We hope your next roasting experience is fun and easy. The key is the rotation of the fork, which is made easy by The Rolla Roaster! You may also supplement marshmallows with hot dogs!


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