There are many hobbies that naturally go along nicely with camping and RV travel.  Some of the more obvious are fishing, photography, nature study, sightseeing, hiking, hunting, horseback riding, following Nascar, etc.

But, there are many others that are not quite as obvious.   A few that come to mind are genealogy, dog shows, antiquing, horse shows, study of American history, fossil hunting, rockhounding, beachcombing, shell collecting, campfire cooking, visiting festivals and many different crafts.  There are probably many others that I have never thought of.

We will explore some of these in more detail in later posts.

One thought on “RV CAMPING HOBBIES2

  1. What about “Birding”? That’s a big hobby with campers. Often combined with photography and/or painting. I remember a Texas State Park campground that had a bird feeder at each campsite.

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