Partial List of Amazing Camp-Land Race Destinations

camping at Indiana state park

Twin Bridges at Indiana’s Turkey Run Park


Following is a partial list of Destinations and other Challenges for the
Season-Long Game of Camping Fun and Adventure.  The Outdoor
Hobbies and Activities Challenges will be found in a separate post.
Proof of fulfilling the Destination Challenges will be a photo of a family
member in their official Race Shirt by the Park entrance sign and a
second photo with your tent or camper at your campsite.  Bonus points
for visiting a landmark in or near the Park will require two photos proving
you were there.  Please note that if you are camping at a camp site
other than the designated Park, you could still score the Bonus Points
by visiting the Bonus Landmark as a Day.

[25 Points, Possible bonus of 5 points]


  • STARVED ROCK STATE PARK                                                           BONUS: Visit a waterfall.   
  •  LINCOLN’S NEW SALEM STATE HISTORIC SITE                     BONUS: Visit inside the Blacksmith Shop
  • NAUVOO STATE PARK                                                                        BONUS: Visit nearby 1846 Historic Nauvoo visitor
         Center  and the Browning Home and Gunsmith Shop in Historic Nauvoo    
  •  APPLE CREEK CANYON STATE PARK                          BONUS: Take 2 good photos of a family member in the Canyon 
  •  PERE MARQUETTE STATE PARK                                                    BONUS: Take a guided Nature Hike with a Ranger



  •  INDIANA DUNES STATE PARK                            BONUS: (a) Visit the Nature Center or (b) Visit the platform on Mt. Tom 
  •   TURKEY RUN STATE PARK                                   BONUS: Float down Sugar Creek in a canoe 
  •  McCORMICK CREEK STATE PARK                       BONUS: Hike to the Twin Bridges rock formation 
  •  SPRING MILL STATE PARK                                    BONUS: Visit the Mill 
  •  BROWN COUNTY STATE PARK                            BONUS: (a) Enjoy the view from West Lookout blockhouse or (b) Visit the  nearby town of    Nashville, Indiana



  • GRAND HAVEN STATE PARK                                 BONUS: Visit The Musical Fountain 
  • HOLLAND STATE PARK                                            BONUS: Photograph the Windmill in the town of Holland
  • TAHQUAMENON FALLS STATE PARK        BONUS: Take a photo of the falls from 2 different view points
  • WARREN DUNES STATE PARK                               BONUS: Photos on top of Mt. Randall
  • PORCUPINE MOUNTAINS WILDERNESS STATE PARK                    BONUS:  Visit Lake of the Clouds



  •  COPPER FALLS STATE PARK                             BONUS: Waterfalls on Doughboy’s Nature Trail 
  •  DEVIL’S LAKE STATE PARK                               BONUS: Balanced Rock Formation
  •  PENINSULA STATE PARK                                  BONUS: (a) Eagle Bluff Lighthouse or(b) Peninsula two-step Geocache 
  •  KOHLER-ANDRAE STATE PARK                     BONUS: Visit Sanderling Nature Centerand photograph the piece of the keel of the “Challenge”
  • KETTLE MORAINE STATE FOREST-NORTHERN UNIT              BONUS: Reach the top of the Parnell Tower


FEATURED  NATIONWIDE CAMPGROUNDS  [25 Points each, Possible 5 point Bonus]

  • MAMMOTH CAVE NATIONAL PARK          BONUS: Take a funny picture inside the cave.
  • ACADIA NATIONAL PARK                              BONUS:  Acadia has 12-foot tides.  Safely explore the intertidal zone at low tide. Take two interesting photographs of what you find.
  • LIBBY’S OCEANSIDE CAMP, York Harbor, Maine  • Libby’s Oceanside Camp, York Harbor, Maine    (Bonus:  Make photo with lighthouse in the background)   BONUS:  Take  photographs with the lighthouse in the background)
  • GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK   BONUS:  Safely take a picture of a Black Bear  (not a close-up)
  • LOUISBOURG RV PARK on the Waterfront   Cape Breton Highlands Park, Nova Scotia —    BONUS: Visit Louisbourg Fortress (Score a double-bonus if you are lucky enough to photograph a live musical performance at the Louisbourg Playhouse next to the RV Park.)
  • YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK              BONUS: Take a photo of Yellowstone Falls & one of Old Faithful erupting.
  • ZION NATIONAL PARK                                   BONUS: Take a trail ride on a horse
  • GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK           BONUS: Ride a mule down into the Canyon
  • EVERGLADES NATIONAL PARK                  BONUS:  Photograph an Alligator and a white bird.
  • PADRE ISLAND NATIONAL SEASHORE    BONUS:  Photo of yourself either surf  fishing or posing with a surf fisherman  (for a special treat, try camping on the beach at South Beach Campground –no hookups anywhere in the Park)



CampLand’s Season-Long Game of Camping Fun & Adventure will feature dozens of places to go and things to do.  Here is a small sample:

Camping Michigan State Park

Camp at Michigan’s Tahquamenon Falls Park

Camp at Michigan’s Tahquamenon Falls State Park.

Score extra points by taking a photo of a family member in their Amazing Camp-Land Race tee shirt with the Falls in the background.

You might even consider a week-long trip around Lake Michigan via the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge!   Michigan’s Upper Penisula has much to offer for campers.




Illinois' Lincoln New Salem Historic Site

Rutledge Tavern at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.

Camp at Illinois’ Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.      

Step back  150 years and see Lincoln’s New Salem the way it looked when Abraham Lincoln was a young adult.  See Rutledge Tavern, the General Store where Lincoln worked and many other authentic log buildings.  Visit the Visitor Center Museum.

Score extra points by taking a photo of a family member in their Amazing Camp-Land Race tee shirt in the Blacksmith Shop.




Camp at Indiana Dunes

Beach at Indiana Dunes State Park

Enjoy the Beach at Indiana Dunes State Park.  Camp  at the Indiana Dunes State Park within walking distance of the Beach.  Climb a dune, walk miles of woodland trails, see the Chicago skyline on a clear day.  Score bonus points by climbing a dune OR by visiting the outstanding Dunes Nature Center.  More news is coming soon.  Click the, “Subscribe” , button on the left, so you won’t miss anything.

If you are permanently parked you won’t be able to camp at these Amazing places.  But, you are not forgotten in the Amazing Camp-Land Race.    We have lots of fun things in store for you, your friends,  children and/or grandchildren.  Stay tuned.

More About the Amazing Camp-Land Race

Campfire cooking

Share camping recipes, cooked over a fire or on the stove.

The Season-Long Game of CAMPING Fun and Adventure will reward you for completing Challenges.

You don’t need to complete any specific Challenge, but any one you do complete adds to your  point total for the season.  Reaching certain point goals during the summer will win prizes and personal satisfaction.  Having the highest totals  at the end of the season will win bigger prizes – AND SOME GLORY!

Challenges that earn points will include the following:

  • Favorite camping recipes and campfire cooking
  • Camping hobbies & activities (Everything from Geocaching to fishing to leaf collecting & more)
  • Overnight or longer camping visits at any campground  in the US, Canada or Mexico
  • Camping at specially targeted National, State or Private Parks within our 4-state area of IN, IL, WI & MI.
  • Overnight camping at specially targeted National, State or Private Parks outside our 4-state area.
  • Bonus points for visiting designated places & landmarks within the targeted Parks
  • Camping at targeted Events like festivals, rallies, etc

Participants will receive helpful information about exciting places to camp  in the 4-state area surrounding Chicagoland-NW Indiana, as well as some more distant camping destinations.  Also, ideas about activities that will make your camping trips more interesting for yourselves and children of all ages.

More details will be coming soon.  Stay tuned!

Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailers a Big Hit

New Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailers come in 3 Colors

New Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailers come in 3 Colors

The New lightweight Winnebago Minnie Travel Trailer has arrived!  Available in several floorplans and exterior colors — Lime, Lemon or conventional White.

SUPERB STYLE, FEATURES, CONSTRUCTION & VALUE The Winnebago MINNIE is a light weight towable RV that performs at a higher level. Exterior color choices and designer interiors make each MINNIE distinctive. Features like memory foam mattress, Touch Elite stereo with blue tooth music streaming and full size appliances make Minnie non-compromising. High quality materials and construction methods like aluminum framed floors with plywood decking assure that MINNIE is built to last. All of this and affordable pricing makes MINNIE a great value!

Spring Festival of Camping Know-How

Learning about RV camping

Scene from a previous Festival of Camping Know-How



9 AM – 5:30 PM, CDT


* FREE Camping know-how demonstrations and presentations

* 250 RVs open for Browsing  — Manufacturer representatives on hand to answer questions.  (Winnebago, Raven, Apex, Columbus, Gulfstream, A.C.E., Four Winds)

*FREE lunch –  hotdogs, chips and soda


*Enjoy the camaraderie of other campers

SCHEDULE OF PRESENTATIONS  & EVENTS               Doors open at 8:30 AM, CDT

9:00 AM — PREPARING YOUR UNIT FOR CAMPING SEASON   *Appliance preparation  * Dewinterizing systems   (Presented by Camp-Land Tech)

10:00 AM — ENERGY EFFICIENT CAMPING      *LED Lighting   * Solar Panels     (Demonstration by Guest Speaker)

11:00 AM — PROTECTING YOUR RV INVESTMENT    *Extended service policies & what you need to know  (Presented by Guest Speaker)

11:45 AM —  SAFELY TOWING A CAR BEHIND YOUR MOTORHOME   * Tow bars, baseplates & brake systems  (Presented by Guest Speaker}

12:30 PM — FREE LUNCH    *Hot dogs, chips and soda   * A chance to chat with fellow campers

1:30 PM — CAMPFIRE2GO    *Portable campfire fun!  (Demonstration of a novel item)

2:00 PM — WHEN TO PERFORM ROUTINE RV MAINTENANCE  *Roof seams/sealants  *Lubricants  *Bearings/brakes   * Slide-outs

2:30 PM — GO GREEN   *RV Cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaners   (Presented by Guest Speaker from Bio-Kleen)

3:00 PM — ASK-A-TECH   *Q & A Session with RVIA Certified RV techs    * Always our most popular event!   *Bring your questions



Ooey Gooey Goodness…Roasting the Perfect Marshmallow

imagesCAEC5OI1There are so many things to remember to pack when getting ready to camp in your RV, but some of the most essential items for the pure enjoyment of your tastebuds are marshmallows and roasting sticks/forks. I am not talking about any stick you just pick up from the woods, wipe off the dirt and wittle to a point, like I did when I was a kid. No…I am talking about a fancy-dancy roasting fork that telescopes up to 42″ and rotates by the turn of the dial with your fingertips. These forks allow you to create the most beautifully golden roasted marshmallow, perfectly roasted on ALL sides. That’s the key…ALL SIDES.  Let’s talk about how one would go about creating the perfect, most tasty, ooey-gooey marshmallow.

First you must gather all your materials. You will need:

~ A nice campfire with some bright orange embers.

~ The Rolla Roaster telescoping roasting forks, which extends to 42″ and retracts for storage (available in Camp-Land’s Parts Department).

Rolla Roaster Telescoping Fork
The Rolla Roaster Telescoping Fork













~  Your favorite brand of marshmallows

~  Wet wipes (because you are going to get messy!)

Okay, now that you’ve stocked up on these items, it’s time to talk about the procedure. It’s simple, but one wrong move and POOF, your treat could end up in flames! You will have one charred mess on your hands (although some people really enjoy their marshmallows this way).

  1. Ensure you have some hot embers at the base of your beautiful campfire.
  2. Take your Rolla Roaster fork out of the reusable package.
  3. Extend your fork to 42″ by pulling gently outward on the end until it stops. You don’t want to singe your knuckle hairs!
  4. Place one to two marshmallow(s) on the fork.
  5. Hold the fork in the palm of your hand and place index finger and thumb on the rotating dial.
  6. Place the marshmallow end near the fire, keeping it away from open flames and closer to the embers.
  7. Slowly rotate the marshmallows by turning the dial. It will take several rotations of the marshmallow to get it carmelized to the perfect golden color.
  8. Once you have achieved the desired doneness of your treat, pull it back from the fire and allow it to cool approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  9. Pull your marshmallow off with your fingers. Be careful not to touch the metal fork as it will still be hot, hot, hot!
  10. Repeat steps 1 through 9 until you are stuffed!
  11. Clean-up is a breeze with wet wipes for your hands and forks (once cooled).

We hope your next roasting experience is fun and easy. The key is the rotation of the fork, which is made easy by The Rolla Roaster! You may also supplement marshmallows with hot dogs!


Beach Camping on Fort Myers Beach…Yes, Please!

It’s still cold in Indiana and camping on the beach sounds so wonderful! Picture stepping out of your very own camper and walking 5 steps onto the warm sandy beach or dining by campfire and listening to the ocean waves wash ashore.  As many times as I have been to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, I have only passed by the single campground on this beach; sometimes I actually sit in front of it, waiting in line to drive off the island.  During my most recent visit to Florida, I was determined to see just how close you could camp to the beach. Well, it turns out Red Coconut RV Park literally has sites on the beach!Red Coconut Campground in Ft Myers Beach, FL We’re not talking primitive beach camping. Each RV site features full hook-up, basic cable and internet service, a concrete slab to park on and a picnic table. There are also laundry facilities, a bath house, and a recreation hall which has many activities. This is a pet-friendly park, as long as you bring immunization records. For more on camping with your pet, view our previous blog, While walking amongst the beachfront sites, I spoke with a woman that has been coming to the Red Coconut for 31 years. She and her husband come for 3 months every year and book their next year’s stay as they leave. Now in her 80’s, she says she can’t handle the exposure to the sun very long each day, but she enjoys the view and the many things to do around the park and Fort Myers Beach. The park has shuffleboard courts, pancake breakfasts and movie nights, to name a few activities.

As for things to do on Fort Myers Beach, there is something for everyone. They have a great website,, which explains the many things going on in the area. Downtown on Times Square there are street performers, the Pier, restaurants and many shops to catch your eye. Another option is to hit the Farmers Market on a Friday morning to score some fresh fruit, veggies and seafood and take back to your campsite to prepare. If you are unable to have a car while visiting they have that covered too! The Lee Trolley runs the island and beyond for a minimal cost, is easily accessible.

So, it’s safe to say that you do not have to stick to camping and hiking in state parks to enjoy your camper during ‘camping season’.  You can hook up your travel trailer or hop in your motorhome and head some place warm to feel the sand between your toes and listen to waves crashing ashore. If you have never considered camping on the beach before, I hope this has warmed you up a new idea.


ACE Motorhome by Thor Motorcoach

A. C. E. The Pet-Friendly Motorhome

Whether your pet is a dog, a cat or a bird, there is no better way to travel  than in a motorhome.  Motels, hotels and airplanes are just not very pet-friendly.  Motorhomes and campgrounds are.  Plenty of room to move around while you are on the road and plenty of outdoor space for excercise when you get there. Some motorhomes are better for pets than others.  The designers at Thor Motorcoach kept pets in mind when they designed the A. C. E. Class A Motorhome. Details like the hideaway pet food dishes, the pet-friendly passenger-side window that also lets the driver see that little car in the blind spot, and the little drawer in the entry step (the perfect place for a flashlight and a leash).  The A. C. E. has all the comforts you would expect for the human members of the familyand a few that other manufacturers didn’t think of.  Like the electric drop-down extra bed above the driver compartment and the out-of-the-way parking spot for shoes just inside the entry door.

Take a look at this  new motorhome that is creating so much excitement.  Your pet will appreciate your thoughtfulness.