ACE Motorhome by Thor Motorcoach

A. C. E. The Pet-Friendly Motorhome

Whether your pet is a dog, a cat or a bird, there is no better way to travel  than in a motorhome.  Motels, hotels and airplanes are just not very pet-friendly.  Motorhomes and campgrounds are.  Plenty of room to move around while you are on the road and plenty of outdoor space for excercise when you get there. Some motorhomes are better for pets than others.  The designers at Thor Motorcoach kept pets in mind when they designed the A. C. E. Class A Motorhome. Details like the hideaway pet food dishes, the pet-friendly passenger-side window that also lets the driver see that little car in the blind spot, and the little drawer in the entry step (the perfect place for a flashlight and a leash).  The A. C. E. has all the comforts you would expect for the human members of the familyand a few that other manufacturers didn’t think of.  Like the electric drop-down extra bed above the driver compartment and the out-of-the-way parking spot for shoes just inside the entry door.

Take a look at this  new motorhome that is creating so much excitement.  Your pet will appreciate your thoughtfulness.