Beach Camping on Fort Myers Beach…Yes, Please!

It’s still cold in Indiana and camping on the beach sounds so wonderful! Picture stepping out of your very own camper and walking 5 steps onto the warm sandy beach or dining by campfire and listening to the ocean waves wash ashore.  As many times as I have been to Fort Myers Beach, Florida, I have only passed by the single campground on this beach; sometimes I actually sit in front of it, waiting in line to drive off the island.  During my most recent visit to Florida, I was determined to see just how close you could camp to the beach. Well, it turns out Red Coconut RV Park literally has sites on the beach!Red Coconut Campground in Ft Myers Beach, FL We’re not talking primitive beach camping. Each RV site features full hook-up, basic cable and internet service, a concrete slab to park on and a picnic table. There are also laundry facilities, a bath house, and a recreation hall which has many activities. This is a pet-friendly park, as long as you bring immunization records. For more on camping with your pet, view our previous blog, While walking amongst the beachfront sites, I spoke with a woman that has been coming to the Red Coconut for 31 years. She and her husband come for 3 months every year and book their next year’s stay as they leave. Now in her 80’s, she says she can’t handle the exposure to the sun very long each day, but she enjoys the view and the many things to do around the park and Fort Myers Beach. The park has shuffleboard courts, pancake breakfasts and movie nights, to name a few activities.

As for things to do on Fort Myers Beach, there is something for everyone. They have a great website,, which explains the many things going on in the area. Downtown on Times Square there are street performers, the Pier, restaurants and many shops to catch your eye. Another option is to hit the Farmers Market on a Friday morning to score some fresh fruit, veggies and seafood and take back to your campsite to prepare. If you are unable to have a car while visiting they have that covered too! The Lee Trolley runs the island and beyond for a minimal cost, is easily accessible.

So, it’s safe to say that you do not have to stick to camping and hiking in state parks to enjoy your camper during ‘camping season’.  You can hook up your travel trailer or hop in your motorhome and head some place warm to feel the sand between your toes and listen to waves crashing ashore. If you have never considered camping on the beach before, I hope this has warmed you up a new idea.


ACE Motorhome by Thor Motorcoach

A. C. E. The Pet-Friendly Motorhome

Whether your pet is a dog, a cat or a bird, there is no better way to travel  than in a motorhome.  Motels, hotels and airplanes are just not very pet-friendly.  Motorhomes and campgrounds are.  Plenty of room to move around while you are on the road and plenty of outdoor space for excercise when you get there. Some motorhomes are better for pets than others.  The designers at Thor Motorcoach kept pets in mind when they designed the A. C. E. Class A Motorhome. Details like the hideaway pet food dishes, the pet-friendly passenger-side window that also lets the driver see that little car in the blind spot, and the little drawer in the entry step (the perfect place for a flashlight and a leash).  The A. C. E. has all the comforts you would expect for the human members of the familyand a few that other manufacturers didn’t think of.  Like the electric drop-down extra bed above the driver compartment and the out-of-the-way parking spot for shoes just inside the entry door.

Take a look at this  new motorhome that is creating so much excitement.  Your pet will appreciate your thoughtfulness.