Which type of RV is best for me?

Which type or class of RV will best fill your needs depends on several factors, including how you intend to use the RV, the size of your camping family, the tow vehicles you already own and your personal preferences. In general, young families tend to select pop up campers because they are lighter, less expensive and have lots of sleeping space for a family. The natural progression some years later is often to a travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or mini motorhome which have more comforts and amenities. As time goes on and children leave home, many couples find they need less sleeping space, but more living space because they are able to stay away from home for longer periods. A big fifth wheel with 3 or 4 slide-out rooms or a class A motorhome with slides is often the answer for those who want to travel and explore the Americas, or spend the winter in Arizona. Or a large travel trailer or park model trailer with slides, permanently parked in a nearby campground, may be your idea of the perfect weekend and vacation getaway cottage. The choices are endless.

Some recent developments have blurred the boundaries between the traditional types of campers. Slide-out room extensions pack more living space into a given length of RV. Ultra-lightweight materials and creative design have resulted in pop ups, travel trailers and fifth wheels that can be towed by smaller, more fuel efficient tow vehicles (600 lb. pop ups towed by a small car; travel trailers by a small SUV or mini van; 5th wheels by a half-ton truck). Hybrid travel trailers (pictured here) have the amenities of a travel trailer, and the sleeping space of a pop up, while preserving a little bit of the romance of camping in the woods under canvas. Hybrids are usually found listed together with conventional travel trailers.

More information about the types of RVs and campers can be found here:    http://www.camplandrv.com/clw_rvinventory/whichrv.jsp